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We have decided to blog on various research problems that have come to light because of

It is common knowledge that research should be reviewed from time to time.  Some obvious mistakes have been made on this line in view of new research.  If anyone has primary sources on these lines please write to so all can be evaluated.

MARGERY BEDELL born about 1533 in Black Notley, Essex, England

The following is the family group we have for her:

It is well known that Margery Bedell married William Brock about 1559.

This is mentioned in the Brock Pedigree and also on Essex Miscellaneous Pedigrees which state that the father of Margery is John Bedell and that she is from "Notley".  Both of these are secondary sources (not written at the time of occurence".  We also have to remember this is a Brock Pedigree not a Bedell Pedigree.   Two prominent people in this family are John Bedell.  One is Margery's brother whose family can be well established (see below). There are wills for both parents and births or deaths for each of the children. 

"Notley" is not a place, but a short way of saying Black Notley which is in the county of Essex. 

William Brock marries Elizabeth Maidstone 21 Jan 1574 in Boxted, Essex, England, so Margery is dead prior to that. 

The following is Margery's brother John Bedell's family group

These dates were taken from the Black Notley Register.  They can be found on line through the Essex Record Office.  It used to be free, but now we have to pay.  If you have questions on how to find these, please post your questions. 

Both parents have wills.  Please feel free to ask for them.  They are also on the Essex Record Office site. 

There are entries on new family search on this family that need to be redone. There is just no MARGERY in this family.  Many people have put Margery into this family, but I think this should show that she does not belong here.

What we do have in this family is William Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore.  There are two biographies written on him.  One by his son William Bedell and one by his son-in-law Alexander Clogy. If one googles William Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore these bios will come up. 

The following is the family that Margery belongs in.  

The proof comes in the following wills:

The first is a summary of the will of Joan Bedell the mother of Margery dated 1576.

Joan Bedell of Hatfield Peverel widow 7 Apr 1573

To the poor people at my burial 40 s.

To the children of William Brokes which he had by my daughter (not named, ie Bartholomew, William, Mary and Margery and to the other children which were Wysman's children and my daughters ie John William Thomas and Joan Wysman and to the other two children which my daughter had by John Roo ie Elizabeth and John Roo etch £5 and a silver spoon within 2 years after my death.

To the said 4 children of William Brokes all my implements of household at his house to be evenly divided by my overseers and those at my son-in-law Roos's to his said 6 children.

The rest of my goods to John Roo, who I make exor.  I make overseer Thomas Wyesman of 'Waltham' gentleman and William Broke of Little Leighs and for their pains each 12 d

Wit:  John Bedell of Black Notley, Thomas Burgys, John Oyly
Pr 9 Apr 1576

What we have here is a will naming the four children of William Broke (Brock).  Margery could be dead at the time of this will. William Brock marries. 

The next item is the will of Margery's father Thomas Bedell.

This is a summary obviously.  I do have the original and can send it to whomever if you request it. It is not easy to read. 

"Thomas Bedyll of Black Notley in the County of Essex, Yeoman, in his will, dated September 16, 1550 (and proved in the Commissary Court of the Bishop of London for parts of Essex),

Wife Johan  (Joan)
Son John the elder
Daughter Alice Bedyll
Daughter Custans
      Gives her lands in Bocking and Stisted which go to his son John the elder at her death.  Then the lands in Bocking to his son John the Elder and the lands in Stisted to daughter Alice Bedyll and if Alice dies to Custans my daughter
Son Thomas Bedyll
     Land in Bocking
Son James Bedyll
     Land in Black Notley
Son John Bedyll the elder
     Land called Bores Head in Braintree and land called Gardeners in Black Notley
Son John Bedyll the younger land called Wisemans in Fairsted and Black Notley and ten pounds to go  live with Thomas Wiseman for a year so he can learn to read and write
Son Thomas Bedyyll and daughters Margery and Alice Bedyll
     Remaining money remaining
Daughter Custons Pryor
     Given Items
Daughter Johan Bedyll
     Given land in Praintree called Wheelers
Daughter Margery
     Given land in Black Notley

If you have any questions please post your comments and I can email you back.  We have a transcribed document of the complete will done by Richard Green.

Some questions that might come to mind. 

Why does the Brock Pedigree say that Margery is the daughter of John Bedell?  At this point, I would say "that is what they thought when the pedigree was put together." 

I would say that her brother John was well known.  Her grandfather was probably John Bedell (more to come on that.)

One might also ask why is Joan Bedell in Hatfield Peveral.  I would say to that I think she had gone to live with her daughter in her old age. 

Alice Bedell and William Wiseman son of Thomas Wiseman

Another interesting sideline to the will of Joan Bedell 1576 is her mention of a daughter that is the wife of William Wiseman and has children John, William, Thomas and Joan.  The following is the family group of this marriage. 

The will of William Wiseman reads as follows:

Will of William Wyseman of Hatfield Peveral yeoman 8 Apr 1560

To John my eldest son and William my son each £20 at 17. To every one of my servants 3s.4d. above their wages at their year's end.

To Alice my wife my tenement in Stisted for her life; after her death, to John my son. The residue of my goods to her, whom I make my executrix. I make my brother John BEDELL the elder my overseer, and for his pains 20s. Witnesses: Thomas Wiseman, Thomas Pare

There is an interesting entry on Seax which is put together by the Essex Record Office. 

This brings together John Bedyll, Thomas Wiseman, of Great Waltham and John Broke of Little Leighs. 

There is also the will of John Bedyll 1537 from Great Waltham it essencially mentions the following:

Will of John Bedyll of Much Waltham made in 1537

Audry his wife
Sons, John, William, Thomas, John the younger, James and daughter Margery
(105ER 6 1537)

What we have is probably another generation.  John being the father of Thomas Bedell who married Joan. 

Now more connections:

Will of John Bedell Brother to Margery (dau of Thomas Bedell)

Will John Bedell of Black Notley 10 Dec 1600

To be buried in Black Notley church. To the poverty of Black Notley 20s and Castle Hedingham 10s. To Elizabeth my wife my tenement in Braintree called the Boar's Head; after her decease to my son John the elder. To Thomas Usher's son William my tenement in Bocking; to William 20£ at 5£ a year for 4 years. To my son John the elder my tenement in Sudbury (Co of Suffolk).

To my wife my 3 crofts with a garden called Rachynes and my customary tenement called Gardiners till my son John the younger is---, then to him. To my daughter Grace £40 and Elizabeth, Joan and Rachel my younger daughters each £20 (all) at 18, also to my said three daughters £20 apiece at marriage. To Rachel Alistone 40s to be paid with 4 years after my decease. To my servants 3s4d apiece.

I make my well beloved Matthew Aliston, my cousins John Bedell of Fairstead and my cousin Hawlden of Langford and my eldest son, whom I make exors.

Wit: John Bedell of Fairstead, Edward (Fillmre?), William Burle, William Petteson. Pr 2 Sep 1600 by John and William Bedle sons and proctors of the widow.

Cousin Hawlden (who is he) His cousin would be the children of his parents siblings. 

I went to the parish of Langford (where John Brock who married Anne De Vere married his second wife Mary Pascall.)  This would have been the brother to our William Brock who married Margery Bedell. 

We find the following family group there. 

And who is Cousin Hawden married to but Joan Wiseman.  The daughter of Thomas Bedell and Joan and the sister to Margery.  

Now if you really want to go further we have the will of Thomas Wiseman which fits in perfectly as the father of WilliamWiseman the husband to Alice Bedell.  I will summarize the will and add it at a later time.  This is probably the Thomas Wiseman mentioned in the will of Thomas Bedell who will teach his son John Bedell the younger to read and write.

 Interesting enough in the will of Thomas Bedell 1550 is also mentioned a piece of land called Wisemans.  I do not have all the answers to that at this point. 

In the last several days a new search engine has come online called Discovery from the National Archives in England.  One interesting case:

Thomas Wynter esq servant in the King's household.  1454-1455
Defendants: John and Thomas, sons of William Bedell of Writtle, Essex

This is a Visitation of Essex 1558 with the Bedells in Writtle.  The connection of Heydon is interesting.  Please see the Hawden connection by John Bedell will 1600. 

We need to keep a running list of Bedell's in Writtle.